Non-Recurring Charges

Special Non-Recurring Charges
Connection / Turn-on Charge (After Hours)   $75.00
Late Payment Penalty   10% Total Bill Amount
Meter Relocation Charge   Actual Cost
Damage to Meter, Meter Setter, Box or Lid   Actual Cost
Distribution Valve Box Damage   Actual Cost
Meter Re-read (Customer Request)   $45.00
Meter Re-read (After Hours)   $75.00
Meter Test   $75.00
Lock Cutting   $70.00
Disconnect/Reconnect Due to Non-Payment   $50.00
Reconnect (After Hours)   $70.00
Returned Check   $35.00
Service Call / Investigation   $55.00
Service Call (After Hours)   $85.00
Inspection Fee (New Meter Sets)   $25.00